A two-year-old girl in China’s Anhui Province is recovering in hospital after accidentally cutting off four of her own fingers while playing unattended at home. Unbeknown to her mother, the little girl had procured a knife from the family kitchen and cut through her digits while pretending to cook.  

Warning: the following report contains images that (although mercifully blurred out) some readers may find distressing.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the two-year-old was “playing house” at home on February 20 when she cut through all four fingers on her left hand using a full-sized kitchen knife.


The girl’s mother is believed to have been busy in an adjoining room at the time of the accident, and rushed in only after hearing her daughter scream with pain.

Doctors worked for hours to reattach all four of the girl’s severed fingers, but it is not yet known whether she will regain full use of her hand.

accident 2

Please keep a very close eye on your little ones, ladies and gentlemen; it can literally only take a couple of seconds for them to put themselves in danger.

Source: Xinhua JP
Images: Toychan.net