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Adelina Sotnikova’s gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will no doubt be remembered as one of the most controversial wins in recent Olympic history. Despite the Russian putting on a dazzling performance, many felt that South Korea’s Yuna Kim deserved the win and that it was only through some decidedly suspicious voting on the part of the judges that Sotnikova was able to claim the first prize.

Since the event, the internet masses have been more than vocal on the issue, but this week Sotnikova’s own public Facebook page has been plastered with angry comments – mostly but not all from users with Korean usernames – and decidedly unflattering pictures of the skater’s face merged with that of animated ogre Shrek, who is shown as wanted for the theft of a gold medal, and photoshopped images of her standing in second place on the winner’s podium while Yuna Kim takes first.

Along with a number of comments from well-wishers congratulating the skater on her Olympic win, there are currently hundreds of posts from disgruntled figure skating fans (and perhaps a handful of trolls who love to hate no matter what) making it quite clear that they feel Sotnikova did not deserve the gold.

There are a number that we have chosen not to publish, but here’s a sample of the images that have been posted to the Russian skater’s Facebook wall to date.

▼ Podium play


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▼ Umm?

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▼ There are also a number of frankly bizarre images alluding to the “moth-like” outfit Adelina wore in previous competitions.

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▼ And then the “Shrek” trolling (ogre-ing?) started.

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As clever and creative as a couple of these images are, I think it’s important to take a moment to remember that, whether you think she deserved the gold or not, Adelina Sotnikova remains an extremely talented figure skater and has achieved more in her short career than most athletes could ever hope to. She currently holds the gold not because she snatched it away from Yuna Kim with her bare hands, but because a group of people trusted to decide who was best on the day decided that she deserved it. If anyone is to blame here it’s the panel, not the skater, and I’m sure the Adelina would far rather that her first ever gold at the Olympic Games – the ultimate prize for any athlete – were not tainted by controversy like it currently is.

Haters are gonna hate, sure, but let’s not get personal here, guys. Adelina might be an Olympic athlete, but she’s also just a 17-year-old kid, and it can’t be easy to have complete strangers giving you grief online for something you probably had no hand in whatsoever.

Source: Itai News, Facebook