Like many children, I had an imaginary friend. Unlike many children, mine was a cat. I used to play with him in the garden and yell at my family when they pretended to kick him. I never had an imaginary boyfriend though…

You’ve read about the art of taking a convincing fake-girlfriend selfie. Maybe you downloaded one of those virtual boyfriend apps to compliment you all day long. Perhaps you bought a hug pillow (complete with washable shirt) to snuggle with all night. These stunning photos of an “imaginary girlfriend” and “imaginary boyfriend”, however, bring a new and quiet beauty to the world of the imaginary friend.

First up, we bring you these imaginary girlfriend shots, uploaded to Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo by user Li27n. On top of a background photo, he adds a wispy animated figure – his “imaginary girlfriend”. The artist has been uploading images of his two-dimensional girlfriend since early 2013.

▼ The series is entitled “two-dimensional girlfriend” – and here she is!


▼ The artist depicts his girlfriend on dates: at the movies…


▼ …and eating out together. The artist doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite though.


▼Or out hiking together.

▼ There is a certain sadness to the imaginary girlfriend, though.



▼We thought you wouldn’t have to buy an imaginary girlfriend presents, but obviously we were wrong.


Next up, it’s an imaginary boyfriend, from photographer Lin Xi. While the day-glo line drawing style bears some similarities, the non-imaginary partner also appears in these pictures, which might go some way to explaining their online popularity!

▼ The photos were uploaded to Weibo in time for Valentine’s Day.


▼ Imaginary friends: always a cheap date.


▼ He’ll be there come rain or shine (or, like in this photo, come rain AND shine)


▼ Just be careful not to erase him with Instagram filters.




After being uploaded to Weibo, Lin Xi’s beautiful, slightly spooky images also quickly went viral in China. Perhaps I should think about resurrecting my imaginary cat after all…

Source: Offbeat China, Kotaku US
Images: Li27n via Weibo, ndphotos