Boobs make the world a better place. For starters, boobs give life. I mean, mothers breastfeed their babies, right? Also, boobs make mundane everyday life more tolerable. Seriously, could you imagine a world with only man boobs? How depressing is that! Let’s not forget that boobs work wonders on the internet (trust us, we’ve seen the page access counts spike whenever boobs are involved). And of course, boobs are the invincible sales boosters when it comes to the retail business.

A young online entrepreneur in Taiwan jazzed up his biker gear auction pages with a model’s shapely bosom and saw an immediate increase in page views, with a 30% increase in sales to boot!

Internet auctions are a popular way to shop in Taiwan, and with thousands of online competitors, the number of page views is something that could make or break the business. Li, a 22-year-old university student, started retailing biker gear on a Taiwanese online auction site, Ruten, two years ago. In order to gain an upper hand in the competitive business, he spent NT$2,000 (approximately US$66) to hire a schoolmate to pose topless with his products.

Having dabbled in photography for about seven years, Li took care of the entire production single-handedly. After over a hundred shots and six hours of work, the product shots were put up on his auction pages, and were so well-received among netizens, his product pages were even featured on the auction site’s top page! Check out the hot b… biker gear!













Sexy, but not over the top. Who would’ve thought boobs could make something like bike decals and gloves look so cool!

Source: ETToday
Images: jack4619 on Ruten