Heads up, gamers and fans of all things old-school! Video game accessory maker Datel Japan has announced a new pair of earphones modelled on none other than Nintendo’s classic Famicom (the NES in its native form) games console, complete with cable extender and an in-line mic designed to look exactly like the 8-bit console’s controller.

Due to go on sale from April 30 priced at 1,944 yen (US$19), the “Retro 2 Con Earphone Mic” consists of a pair of (detachable) earbuds, a cable that can be extended/shortened between 55 and 120 cm, and most importantly for those who like to use their earphones to take calls on their smartphone or engage in voice chat during gaming sessions, an in-line microphone shaped like a miniature version of the 1983 Famicom unit’s controller 2.

Why controller 2? Well…


Something that even long-serving Nintendo fans in the West may not have noticed is that, while the original Famicom system came with two hard-wired controllers, the second pad not only lacked Start and Select buttons (thus leaving the player at the mercy of Player 1 who could pause and start the game ad nauseam) but actually had a small microphone built into it.

This mic could be used in a limited number of games, including the original The Legend of Zelda wherein players could yell or blow into the microphone to kill rabbit-like creatures known as, rather fittingly, Pols Voice. The microphone was dropped (and Player 2 mercifully gifted with Start and Select buttons of their own), however, when Nintendo remodelled the Famicom as the Nintendo Entertainment System for the North American market in 1985.

Seeing a gap in the market and undoubtedly more than aware of gamers’ love for retro hardware, Datel Japan has come up the Retro 2 Con Earphone Mic, with a scaled-down Famicom controller being used to take voice calls.


Amazon JP is not yet taking orders for the headphones, but a placeholder page is already up which, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to bookmark right away.

Source/images: Amazon JP via Gizmodo Japan
Controllers photo: Gamester81