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We’ve seen what can happen when high schools relax the rules for yearbook photos. Today, we bring you the Japanese anything-goes graduation! At the Kanazawa College of Art, graduating students can wear anything they want to the ceremony – and they certainly rise to the challenge.

The students’ epic outfits have become such a popular attraction that TV crews even turn up to find and interview the wearers of this year’s best costumes. The effort these students have put into their outfits is really something!

Many universities in Japan don’t require graduating students to wear gowns or square caps, although students often choose to attend in formal clothing. We never thought we’d see a troop of Mario Kart cosplayers lining up for graduation, though!

kojinakasePhoto: @kojinakase via Twitter

Photo: @nikata920 via Twitter

▼ Taiko no tatsujin character, presumably with very cold legs.

Photo: @nikata920 via Twitter

Photo: @nana_chan_dayo via Twitter

▼ That chap on the right is the cult hit character from the No More Movie Piracy campaign. Let’s hope he’s not filming without permission.

Photo: Naver Matome

▼ About-to-expire chicken thighs, apparently…

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Photo: @nikata920 via Twitter

Last year’s ceremony looks like it was pretty awesome, too!

Everyone’s favourite cardboard box was in attendance.

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Photo: @nikata920 via Twitter


Photo: @nukomochi via Twitter

It’s not only art colleges where Japanese students take the opportunity to cosplay for graduation! Check out these photos from last year’s graduation at Kyoto University, Japan’s second-oldest university and one of the highest-ranking schools in Asia.

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Photo: @mokemoke_p via Twitter

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Photo: @UK_701 via Twitter

KU UK_701Photo: @UK_701 via Twitter

We’re glad to see these students celebrating their success. They’ll certainly have some memorable photos to look back on in years to come!

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Top image: @nikata920 via Twitter