Thanks to the magic of rotating spheres in space and flaming balls of gas in just the right position it’s now Thursday afternoon in Japan and we’re already getting excited for the weekend. But if Friday still feels a long way off, or if you’re on the opposite side of the world where it’s still technically Hump Day, then perhaps this collection of cute/pitiable GIFs from Japanese cat site Nekomemo will cheer you up.

The next time someone asks you if you’re more of a cat person or a dog person, you might want to ask them to clarify the question; they could be asking whether you prefer one type of pet, or whether you’re either a notorious bully or browbeaten victim…

▼ Dog: “Seriously, are you seeing this?”


▼ Dog: What the hell are you doing?
Cat: I’m making my bed.
Dog: I’m not a bed!
Cat: Shut up, bed.


▼ Cat: Look at that.
Dog: What, the door?
Cat: No, this over here.


▼ “Phew! I’m back. Did ya miss me?”


▼ “Head attack think fast”


▼ “What the hell is tha-aaaaarroh it’s just your ear.”

cat 6

▼ “Kitten, please. I’m sleeping.”


▼ “Gaaaaah! I am tiny and terrifying!!!”


▼ “Look, you’re tremendously cute, but I am not your mother.”


▼ “Hey Dog, whatchadoin’whatchadoin’whatchadoin’?”


Cats: mean, dogs: infinitely patient. The debate is over.

Source: Nekomemo