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With March here, winter is finally on its way out. Warmer weather, and with it the opportunity to go outside without having to layer up in sweaters and coats, is just around the corner.

For the fashionable young lady, this sleeveless pink number seems like the perfect starting point for a girlish spring ensemble, what with its bold line of frills. Don’t you think they look like flowers in full bloom?

Hold on to that pretty mental picture, because the alternative interpretations from some Japanese internet users is decidedly more grisly.

First of all, let’s take one more look at that dress, this time in a full length shot.

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Wow, there really is a lot of frill action going on there. Still, the magazine that initially ran the photo was firm in its belief that the design is evocative of springtime blossoms.

The dress left a different impression on Twitter user Kira Kiriko, however.

“I can’t help but see this as intestines.”

▼ We suppose a medical reference photo of intestines would have made more sense here, but wouldn’t we all rather look at this cute bunny rabbit instead?

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We have to admit, it does look an awful lot like a recreation of the digestive system. The fleshy pink hue isn’t helping, either.

A number of Kira Kiriko’s followers concurred with her judgment.

“Yep, that’s the small intestine all right.”
“Huh? Is this an anatomy model?”
“It even shows the esophagus and stomach.”
“It’s an organ dress.”

Ugh, the more we read it, the more we see it. Isn’t there anyone who doesn’t think it looks like a bunch of intestines? There is? Thank God! What do you have to say, kind sir?

“That there is a wad of tripe with extra fat.”

▼ Hmm…if your favorite Vietnamese food is pho with tripe, does that make the dress’ wearer more attractive?

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Not everyone thinks the dress looks like the building blocks of the body, though. As a matter of fact, one person saw a complete little critter in the tucks and folds of cloth.

“All I see is a tapeworm.”

You know what? We’re gonna need more rabbits.

▼ More…

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▼ Keep ‘em coming…

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▼ Ahhh, OK, thanks guys. We’re better now.

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Top image: Twitter
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