Some people believe that everything happens for a reason, but there are certainly times when things happen for no reason. When things go wrong, they just do. Sometimes it even happens to non-living things!

Take this Cheeto for example. It’s not a big deal and no one was harmed, but it sure looks wrong! If you don’t get the drift, you might want to take a look at the GIF after the jump!

For the benefit of healthy eaters who have lost touch with the world of junk food and processed snacks, Cheetos are a cheese-flavored corn snack produced by blending corn and water, heated under pressure to puff it up, and then oven-dried or fried to give it a crunchy texture.

▼ Cheetos usually look like this…


The snacks don’t come in uniform shapes and sizes, so if you watch what you eat, you might be “lucky” enough to find a piece that looks like something else, like this amusing piece that Reddit user kvagnier found…

▼ “Oh Cheetos man, you nasty!”

If you still don’t see how this piece of cheesy corn puff looks wrong, here’s a GIF to make things easier.

lH71hp5 (1)

So… do you see what we see? We’re not saying what!

Source: ETtoday
Image: Reddit, Imgur, Wikipedia, I’m Made of Sugar