While you might think that the world only needs one real Barbie, it turns out that–whether needed or not–there’s already another one! However, unlike the Russian/Ukrainian version, this “Real Barbie” is a Tokyo-based, Japanese-speaking model for Popteen magazine. And her rise to fame has only just begun!


Going by the name Dakota Rose, the 18-year-old model hails from Florida and initially garnered attention from netizens in Japan, the US, and South Korea for her unreal, Barbie-like looks and YouTube make-up and fashion videos. Two years ago, though, the teen moved to Tokyo after getting scouted by a Japanese model company, who noticed her when her make-up and hair videos accumulated over 10 million views.


In particular, the young model has gotten attention for her startling doll-like appearance, leading many to call her a “Real Barbie.” Watching some of her videos, we can certainly understand where the moniker comes from!


And now it looks like Dakota has taken another step forward in her career, becoming an exclusive model for Popteen, a monthly fashion magazine for teenaged girls published in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. After completing her debut photo shoot for the magazine, the teen model conducted a short interview for the company in Japanese discussing how she practices hair styling and what she hopes to do working with the magazine.

In addition to her professional modeling, Dakota has continued to post YouTube videos in Japanese with English subtitles, like the one below.

We’re not going to lie–those cat ears are insanely cute!

Let this be a lesson to you, kids, if you post enough YouTube videos, you may become a fashion model in Japan, too! And if you’re wondering how a Floridian teenager learned how to speak and write Japanese, she has reportedly been watching anime and reading mana from a young age. So if your parents or anyone give you a hard time about “watching cartoons,” just tell them you’re studying for a future career in fashion!

Update: Several commenters have pointed out that there’s more to Dakota than we first realized. Apparently, she has a somewhat controversial history online and has, in the past, posted some videos with questionable content. While we’re not going to delve into her past here, we wanted to make sure all of our readers were aware that this story is not as simple as we first thought.

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