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It might say something about the gender disparity still prevalent in Asia that whenever a woman of above-average physical attractiveness does something other than breath air, online message boards in Asia go gaga.

We’ve seen above-average-looking female truck drivers, above-average-looking female bowmen, above-average-looking female gym-goers… It appears that whenever women in non-traditionally-female jobs do what they’re being paid to do, the Asian Internet can’t help but stop and stare for a while, especially if said woman is, well… let’s just come out say it: hot.

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This is how one Chinese female journalist found herself the sudden recipient of Internet fame, as Asian media got a hold of her interviewing what appears to be an Aussie stockbroker about Facebook’s recent acquisition of social media software, WhatsApp.

The woman in question is an on-air journalist at a Chinese broadcast station and, other than looking somewhat provocatively at the camera once or twice, does nothing to distinguish herself other than being a woman reporting the news. We’d call gender politics shenanigans on the Asian media if we hadn’t already seen women going nuts over a hotter-than-average male journalist just the other day.

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The full video of our beautiful reporter can be found here.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News