It’s no secret that Japanese craftsmanship is some of the best out there. Manufacturing companies spare no expense to ensure their products satisfy customer expectations and last a lifetime.

But did you know that some Japanese companies are apparently taking customer service to the next level by injecting cancer-curing agents into a variety of products, even the lowly plastic garbage pail? Neither did we, until we found said buckets selling for up to US$100 on the Chinese Internet retail site Taobao. Confused and intrigued, we clicked on…

An unassuming Japanese-made plastic bucket appeared on the retail site with the product description touting that the “magic” bucket cures a variety of ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sad puppies, cases of “The Mondays,” thrombosis and even cancer.

▼ You can smoke as much as you want as long as you have this magic bucket.


Astute readers will observe that these claims are obviously false because, seriously, it’s just a damn bucket, but some Chinese consumers place such high faith in the quality of Japanese products that the bucket is selling for up to three times its normal price.

The yellow label affixed to the front of the bucket reads: “It makes you feel happy and energized to use this bucket,” in Japanese. The Chinese translation below reportedly reads: “Please apply anti-an acidification solution when using the bucket.”

Even so, there have been tales of people leaving all kinds of foodstuffs in the buckets in the hopes that its purported “magical” properties would have an effect on them. Spoiler: nothing happens.

Of course, there are plenty of Chinese consumers who were not so easily fooled, with users of the popular social networking service Weibo.com taking to the site to declare that buckets do not, in fact, cure cancer – although it is admittedly a pretty nice-looking bucket.

Source: Searchina
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