Canadian Church

Though we usually think about beautiful places as being full of nature or exquisitely crafted and cared for, sometimes beauty can be found in the derelict remains of civilization. Or ghosts! Beauty or ghosts, and with the pictures we recently found online, we’re honestly not sure which you’d be more likely to discover!

Here are nine of the most spooky-but-gorgeous abandoned places around the world!

Spotted on the Japanese site CuRAZY, this list of nine places left us wondering: Do we believe in ghosts? While we’d like to tell you, “No! Definitely not!” some of these photos left a chill running down our spines. Though maybe that was just the wind. Yeah. The wind. Inside. With the windows closed.


Anyway, here are nine places that we’d love to visit…during the day.

Battleship Island

Also known as “Gunkajima” or its actual name “Hashima,” Battleship Island is an abandoned island once used for coal mining in through the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, the island is a destination for both tourists and sad, lonely Google employees.

▼ All engines, full ahead to the creepy place!

Battleship Island (1)

▼ Uhhh…maybe not?

Battleship Island (2)

▼ Yeah, let’s just go back home before coal miner ghosts attack us.


Miranda Castle

While most castles somehow inherently feel magical, Miranda Castle in Belgium feels like it might be possessed. Having been abandoned since the 1980s, the decaying structure has lost most of its former glory, but with the striking scenery, the ruination seems strangely poetic. Though it’s more of a dirge than a sonnet…

Miranda in Belgium  (1)

▼ And this must be where the Wicked Witch of the West lives. Hi, Mila!

Miranda in Belgium  (2)

Canadian church

While this may look like the poster for a new horror film, it’s actually just a well-timed shot! The photographer was able to capture the light of the sun at just the perfect moment.

▼ Or maybe it’s just another routine possession. Ho-hum.

Canadian Church

SS America (American Star)

Though the ship, originally built toward the end of the 1930s, has been renamed numerous times, the SS America is best known now for coming loose from its tugboat and wrecking on a Spanish island. Though you can currently only see glimpses of this once great craft at low tide, the photo below is absolutely stunning. It’s a sad fate for any ship, we imagine, but it’s better than it coming back a ghost ship!

▼ Or a zombie ship! Gah! It’s after our galleys!

SS America in  Spain

Shicheng City

Though this photo may make you think of Atlantis–or a very elaborate fish tank–it’s nothing of the sort! Actually, it’s an ancient Chinese city that was flooded in the 1950’s during the construction of a dam. Fortunately, it seems that the buildings are largely preserved–and it’s become a destination for tourists looking for a bit of deep city diving.

▼ Wait, there are bubbles, a diver, and an underwater castle. Yep, this a fish tank.

Shicheng City

Old Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters

Built on top of a mountain 1,441 meters high, this relic of Bulgaria’s one-time membership in the USSR is definitely otherworldly. You might not expect to find any ghosts here–or even specters haunting Europe–but little green men with all sorts of…probes would seem perfectly at home in this flying-saucer-like building.

▼ It seems like not building it on top of a mountain might have been easier…

Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters (1)

▼ …but nothing worth doing is easy! And, seriously, look at that view!

Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters (2)

Hotel Salto del Tequendama

Located in Columbia, this hotel looks exactly like the kind of place that gets featured in Jack Nicholson movies about writers who go a bit murdery. It also has a gorgeous view, having been built overlooking a waterfall. Unfortunately, it was once abandoned and, based on the photos, probably haunted. However, now it’s been turned into a museum! We just hope they chased the ghosts away first.

Hotel Salto del Tequendama- Columbia (2)

▼ Black and white–artistic and incredibly freaky!

Hotel Salto del Tequendama- Columbia (1)

Mirny Diamond Mine

This enormous hole in the ground is actually the remnants of the Mirny Diamond Mine, an open-pit mine in Siberia. It’s 525 meters (1,722 ft) deep, 1,200 m (3,900 ft) wide, and the second largest excavated hole in the world. Apparently, the airspace over the mine is off-limits to helicopters since there’s a danger that air temperature differences may cause aircraft to fall into the hole.

▼ We’d like to see Bruce Wayne try to climb out of that pit!

Mirny Diamond Mine

I.M. Cooling Tower

This power plant cooling tower, located in Belgium, has long since fallen into disuse, but the sheer scale of the tower truly boggles the mind. And leaves us more than just a little creeped out!

▼ It’s like being at the bottom of a well…
and everyone knows that’s where all the really creepy ghosts hang out!

Abandoned Power Plant Cooling Tower

These are just a few of the beautiful, abandoned buildings, structures, and mammoth vehicles around the world, but they’re enough to leave our skin raised with goosebumps. We’re not sure we want to see any more…at least not without some holy water…

Images/Source: CuRAZY