There’s always someone who’s having a worse day than you. Like this poor Fujian man. When he ended up with a snapping turtle dangling from his top lip, his friends couldn’t resist putting the pictures online for the world to see.

The man certainly got more than he bargained for when he posed for these photos kissing a snapping turtle in China. The turtle latched its powerful jaws onto his lip, refusing to let go. Photos of the pair’s special moment were uploaded to Chinese microblogging site Weibo, and now even include updated “after” shots showing the poor man’s injuries.


Shanghai Daily reports that the turtle was a pet about to be released. Alligator snapping turtles (the clue’s in the name!) have a vicious bite that can take off a human finger or bite through a broom handle. The animal is non-native to China, and damaging to the country’s ecosystem. Although collected as exotic pets, they require expert handling.

▼ The man poses with his beloved pet.


▼ “I’ll never forget you…”


▼ But saying goodbye was just too painful. OWWWWWWW!!!


Apparently the man’s friends uploaded the photos to Weibo to remind people to be aware of their safety when raising a pet. That, and so we could all have a good laugh at the poor guy.

A few days later, these follow-up pictures emerged. As you can see, the man suffered some impressive swelling:



Call us cynical, but the top few photos look almost staged, as if this guy was asking to be bitten even. Either way, let this be a lesson to you: if you don’t want to end up with calamitous frog-lips, don’t kiss any snapping turtles. And if you must insist on locking lips with a dangerous animal, don’t let your friends take photos while you do it.

Source: Yukawa Net
Top image: tt.mop.com, edited by RocketNews24. Other images: tt.mop.com