Lowcost cosplay8

We’ve seen some amazingly elaborate cosplay over the years, and while we stare in awe, we’re usually too busy and wide-mouthed to think about how much the costumes cost. But what’s a money-strapped cosplayer to do? Anucha “Cha” Saengchart of Thailand-based website, Lowcost Cosplay, has the solution, bringing the world costume design ideas using things found around the house. Toilet paper, utensils, and oh so much flour is used to create impressive lowcost cosplay. Because when it comes down to it, cosplay is about the love of the character, not how much money you have.

For an added bonus, cover up the left picture (actual image) and try to guess what Anucha is cosplaying as.

Lowcost cosplay1

Lowcost cosplay2

Lowcost cosplay3

Anucha %22Cha%22 Saengchart17

Anucha %22Cha%22 Saengchart14

Anucha %22Cha%22 Saengchart13

Anucha %22Cha%22 Saengchart2

Anucha %22Cha%22 Saengchart

Lowcost cosplay6

Lowcost cosplay13

Lowcost cosplay14

Lowcost cosplay15

Lowcost cosplay7

Lowcost cosplay9

Lowcost cosplay10

Lowcost cosplay11

Lowcost cosplay12

Source: Kotaku
Images: Facebook (Lowcost Cosplay), Kotaku