Cute cat wants to take a bath2

I’m not even a cat person, but all of the lovable feline photos and videos on the internet are making a pretty convincing case for cat superiority, at least when it comes to cuteness. But sometimes those little fluff balls are so busy being adorable that they don’t see the big picture. Like this little cutie who doesn’t even realize he’s in water…

▼ Something’s wrong here…Cute cat wants to take a bath

▼ But he hasn’t noticed yet…Cute cat wants to take a bath2

▼ “Uh oh! I’m wet!”Cute cat wants to take a bath3

When this little guy finally realizes he’s unintentionally come in contact with water, he does the most adorable twirl, trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened.

So thanks, little kitty, for being too cute to bother staying out of the tub. And don’t be too upset, your tail will dry soon!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (xxeripekoxx)