What’s the coolest gift you’ve ever received from your dad? A game console? A puppy? Or perhaps a car? How would you like an Iron Man suit?

A loving father in Zhejiang Province, China, spent a month to hand-make an Iron Man suit for his superhero-loving son. And the cost of making it was merely 300 Chinese yuan (US$49)!

The “superhero” dad, Chu Huang comes from a family of doctors and runs his own clinic. He hardly has any days off, and usually works until 7:30pm every day. Due to his hectic working life, he hardly gets to spend any time with his son apart from reading him a bedtime story before sending the little one off to dreamland. Knowing that his son loves fictional characters decked in heavy armor, Huang got inspired to make an Iron Man suit for his boy.

Having no prior experience in crafting such costumes, Huang spent over a month scouring threads on hobby forums and websites, seeking advice and instructions. Over the next month, Huang spent his free time in the evening crafting the suit; drafting and cutting the pieces out of EVA plastic sheets, spray painting the pieces, and then fixing the pieces together and making final adjustments to the suit. His son watched him intently throughout the entire crafting process. Huang comments that the process reminded him of his childhood days when he would sit beside his father and watch him make wood carvings, which sparked off his interest in handcrafts.


Instead of creating a complete copy of Iron Man’s signature red and gold suit, Chu Huang improvised with some Chinese elements by painting the flag of China on the chest, and a yin-yang symbol on the palm of the golden suit. Needless to say, the little boy was over the moon when the suit was completed and immediately asked his dad to put on the 180cm-tall armor. The boy showed pictures of his “Iron Dad” to his classmates, who were instantly overwhelmed with excitement and envy, to which little Huang responded with a generous invitation to his home to meet his superhero dad.

It’ll be a decade or so before the boy, who is still in kindergarten, grows into the suit, but we’re pretty sure the experience of crafting the suit with his dad will stay with him way beyond his growing years!

Source/Image: ETtoday