For hungry people in the mood for something either salty or sweet the above picture might be a little confusing. It’s a fast food combo sculpted entirely in the medium of cookie, a perennial favorite of all artistic mediums. Although confusing like when you see the word “purple” written in an orange font, this little cheeseburger, cola, and fries look undeniably delicious.

The cookies were apparently made by the Twitter-user’s older sister who according to the caption: “Can make anything out of cookies.”

The photo was retweeted over 14,000 times and drew the praise of viewers such as “Those fries look real!”; “Cuuuute! I want to try it.”; and “Can I have your sister to go please?”

Indeed, the tragic part to this story is that they were the work of one cookie magician in Japan and not sold anywhere. The best we can do is hope some big name cookie-maker gets in touch with this woman so that we can all one day enjoy its pure junk food bliss.

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Japanese)