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Director Mike L. Taylor describes his latest project ZOMBOOBIES as “a crazy boobs-to-the-wall horror-comedy movie”, inspired by “a love of insane Japanese horror films and a passion for traditional creature effects, modern digital effects, and of course BOOBIES”.

The movie makers are asking for funds on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and at the time of this writing $4,275 has been pledged, leaving the project pretty far off its $99,000 goal with only two weeks to go. Let’s take a look at the wacky trailer in full, and see if we can size up the movie’s chances of actually being made.

The movie, which is supposedly set in the world of Japanese horror, also has a Japanese title: oppai-zuki zombi, or “boob-loving zombies”, which like all the best translated movie titles, pretty much explains the plot entirely. They seem to be taking the boob quota seriously, anyway:

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The trailer also features this “boob fight scene”, which the director says he’s looking forward to expanding in the film proper:

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Oh yes, and the creature and digital effects are pretty cool, too:

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There’s also a “Bollywood ZOMBOOBIES” element, just in case zombies-meet-boobs isn’t a fusion enough concept for you:

Taylor says that the movie takes place “in the world of Japanese horror”, and cites as his influences Shaolin Soccer, Big Trouble in Little China, Evil Dead II, and Dead Alive (none of which are Japanese or set in Japan, but we’ll let that go).

The movie will be in English, although the dialog in the trailer is mostly in Japanese, which leads to some inspired and entertaining subtitling:

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The movie’s Kickstarter project is halfway through its one-month run, although teaser trailers for the movie have been knocking around for two years. The project is still in serious need of funds, being currently at only 5% of its $99,000 target.

Japanese netizens appeared mystified by the trailer, and equally by the claim that it is a homage to Japanese cinema:

“There are already so many sexy zombie movies – this one’s not doing anything new!”

“Where’s the zombie component?!”

“No-ones gonna watch this except weird fanatics…”

“How embarrassing for Japan.”

Although a minority seemed to show approval (maybe?):

“ZOMBOOBIES lolololololol.”

You can watch the full trailer here (kind-of NSFW, but hopefully you guessed that already):

A monetary pledge on Kickstarter can get you one of a number of rewards, ranging from a digital HD download of the finished movie, to a role in the movie itself (“sexy nurse”, anyone?). So if you think the world needs more zombies, more boobs, or just more American B-movies based on those two things, check out the ZOMBOOBIES! THE MOVIE Kickstarter page.

Source: zaeega