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So there seems to be just a teeny bit of political turmoil in Eastern Europe these days, what with almost every voter in formerly-Soviet Crimea saying they’re happy to cut ties with Ukraine and have the region annexed by Russia. It’s a thorny opening act for the newly-appointed Crimean attorney general, but Natalia Poklonskaya can at least count on the moral support of thousands of Japanese men. Not because they necessarily agree with her political views, though, but because the 33-year-old Poklonskaya looks more like she came from Central Casting than the judicial branch of government.

Of course, where there’s love-struck Japanese men pondering the ideal forms of female beauty, anime artwork can’t be far behind, and there’s a growing batch of Poklonskaya fan art making the rounds on the Internet.

As a reminder, here’s how Poklonskaya looked in her steamy breakout video, titled New Attorney General of Crimea is beautiful. Not only was her performance so apparently sensuous that it caused its Japanese poster to suddenly drop capitalization conventions mid-title, it’s already attracted over 240,000 views in the short time it’s been online. This is in spite of the fact that literally 40 percent of its runtime is nothing more than a shot of Poklonskaya blinking as a reporter asks a question that’s inaudible in the video, plus the complete lack of any translation of her response.

▼ Our Ukranian is a little rusty, but we’re pretty sure she’s saying, “Boy, those guys at RocketNews24 are just doing a bang-up job, aren’t they?”

AG 1

Still, good looks are the international language, and it seems amateur artists in Japan, South Korea, and China all decided that whatever the definitions of the words coming out of Poklonskaya’s mouth were, what she was really saying was “Draw me!” They answered the call, then took to artwork sharing site Pixiv to show off their takes on the young stateswoman.

AG 8

▼ Super-deformed Poklonskaya asserting, “I….I’m the attorney general!”

AG 2

▼ A somewhat more sedate rendition

AG 4

This one shows a bit of an Attack on Titan influence, especially along the lower edge of the eyes.

AG 6

▼ Some very impressive line work here, with a bit of a ‘90s manga retro vibe

AG 7

Of course, some artists couldn’t resist the urge to pump up the subject’s bust size.

AG 3

Typical anime fan, right? I mean, what’s next? Cat girl Poklonskaya?

▼ Well, yeah.

AG 5

Here’s hoping a resolution can be found to the crisis in the Ukraine that makes everyone happy, and the situation has a storybook ending. After all, we’ve already got the illustrations.

Sources: Pixiv via Kotaku USA
Top image: Pixiv
Insert images: YouTube, Pixiv