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It’s hard to think of something with less potential for terror than cake. It tastes great. It’s soft enough that it can be chewed with no problems, meaning that like diapers and long afternoon naps, it’s something that both the extremely young and extremely old can equally appreciate.

You can even make cake more appealing by shaping it like loveable cartoon characters, like Pokémon’s eternal mascot Pikachu. Surely there’s no way that could result in a terrifying abomination, right?


Aside from social media, Twitter user Kira Hime Teitoku counts monster breeding video games and baking among her hobbies, and recently decided to combine all three by whipping up some pound cake in her special Pokémon-themed silicon baking pan.

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Aww, can’t you just feel the sweetness radiating from those special Pikachu-shaped molds? The box even had a photo showing a glimpse of what Kira Hime Teitoku had to look forward to!

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Inspired by the promised edible cuteness, she assembled her ingredients, opting to go along with the recent Japanese boom of green tea flavored sweets by picking out a maccha pound cake mix. Granted, this would mean a green hue for Pikachu, but since the Pokémon franchise is all about helping the little pocket monsters evolve to the next phase on their evolutionary path, we’ll forgive her temerity in playing Poké-God.

Kira Hime Teitoku got to mixing everything together, and although her batter ended up on the thick side, she poured it into the molds, figuring that everything would sort itself out in the over.

However, intense heat and time aren’t the solution to every problem (this is why IT professionals caution that no matter how upset you are with your slow laptop, popping it in the microwave will not improve its performance). When the time came to pull the goodies out of the oven, due to the dryness and cracking of her cake mix, the sight that greeted Kira Hime Teikoku wasn’t quite as adorable as she’d hoped.

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Some may say they look like zombies. Others may argue that they look like they lost a fight with a grittier, more merciless strain of pokémon that petrifies its foes. But regardless of what their exact condition may be, what is certain is that instead of a team of rosy-cheeked electrified rodents, staring back at Kira Hime Teikoku were the hollow-eyed faces of the damned.

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Evidently the chef was able to recover from her shock long enough to wrap each traumatizing little head in plastic. We’re not sure if she did this to seal in their freshness or their inherent evil, but either way, we applaud the wise decision.

Sources: IT Media, Twitter
Images: Twitter