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If we surmise that the existence of breast augmentation surgery proves that at least some women out there want to increase their cup size, then add to this set every man (and zombie) on the planet, we can conclude that at any given moment, slightly over half of the world’s adult population is wishing women had bigger breasts.

However, many women are apprehensive of the risks involved with surgery or shady supplements that promise to increase breast-size. Thankfully, one woman in China may have found a more natural way to make your bust more bounteous. Unfortunately, at least one doctor says it may have been so effective it landed her in the hospital.

40-year-old Ms. Wang (no first name given) had spent the majority of her adult life with a respectably, middle-of-the-bell-curve set of C-cup breasts. Things started to change four years ago, though, when her bust began to suddenly expand, despite being well past the age when such a phenomenon occurs for most women.

In the time since the change began occurring, Wang claims her cup size grew from C to F. Unable to find bras that fit her in local stores, she also felt uncomfortable with all of the newly-acquired attention she was receiving from men whenever she went out in public.

As her bust continued to expand, Wang began to experience intense physical discomfort and such difficulty breathing that she was unable to sleep at night. No longer able to bear her condition, three months ago she was taken to a clinic in the city of Jinhua, where she is reported to have grasped the doctor’s hand and pleaded, “Please remove my breasts!”

▼ This is a request most men hope to go their entire life without having to comply with, much like “Kindly check the box corresponding to the high-level predator you agree to wrestle,” and “When you get a chance, let us know which testicle you’d like to keep.”

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The clinic’s medical team promptly examined Wang, and doctors concluded she was suffering from hypertrophy of the breasts, a serious medical condition in which the breasts swell to excessive size.

First documented in the 17th century, hypertrophy of the breasts, also known as gigantomastia, is theorized to be a result of hormone hypersensitivity. Specialist were brought in from Shanghai and Italy to perform an operation, and succeeded in removing a total of 5.5 kilograms (12.1 pounds) of mammary tissue and tumors from Wang.

What triggered the condition is unknown, but Wang herself offered one possible explanation. It seems that around the time her bust began to grow, she fell into the habit of eating papayas, as well as the traditional dessert made with the ingredient hasma, almost every day.

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Papayas are rich in phytoestrogen, a naturally occurring compound with estrogen-like effects. Since estrogen is necessary for breast development, popular belief in China holds that a woman can increase her bust size by eating large quantities of the fruit.

OK, but how do the hasma desserts fit into all this? Generally, the ingredient is used in sweet soup-like gelatins, like the one shown here.

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Oh wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We should probably explain what hasma is. It’s essentially chunks of dried frog fallopian tubes.

▼ We honestly had no idea they were edible. All these years, we’ve been topping our ice cream with sprinkles like chumps!

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Hasma contains straight-up estrogen, and in such large quantities that nutritionists caution that it can cause early onset of puberty in children.

When asked about the possibility of Wang’s diet causing her sudden bust growth, a Chinese herbal medicine specialist stated that he “believe(s) there is a connection.”

We should point out that men can become stricken with gigantomastia as well, so everyone should keep an eye out for imbalances in their nutritional intake. Remember, the building blocks of a healthy diet are a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Save the cookies, donuts, and frog uterus for those times when you’ve really earned a special treat.

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