As we’ve seen before, China is not one to mess around when there’s a job to be done. If there’s a wasp’s nest up a tall tree, for example, the military has just the answer: a cannon that shoots pure fire.

Now it seems the Yellow River in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has frozen over and it threatens the surrounding area with flooding. A wasp’s nest is nasty business but for a problem of this magnitude, the military is calling in some heavier artillery.

According to the video, three bombers flew over and dropped a total of 24 bombs onto the ice before it could ready its anti-aircraft weaponry. The bombs hit their target true and successfully broke up the ice enough to allow the river to flow again.

▼ I love the smell of melted ice in the morning.

In addition it seems an assault is launched against the belligerent river every year. According to Sina Weibo on 22 March, 2011, 24 bombs were dropped on the Yellow River near Erdos City. This time as well the jammed up ice flow was successfully freed.

Although it does seem like that cool fire cannon they used on the wasps would have been a more environmentally friendly way to fix the river problems, you can’t argue with results. And remember, the next time you play Trivial Pursuit and they ask you how many bombs it takes to break up a frozen river, the answer is 24.

Source: Toychan (Japanese), Sina Weibo (English)
Video: YouTube – Video News 24/7