Uniforms are worn all over the world by many different groups of people to visually proclaim their association. There’s military uniforms, nurse uniforms, fireman uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, and the one that many people probably have personal experience with – school uniforms. We take the uniforms we see in our own countries for granted, but of course with different cultures come different dress codes. Some countries want their students dressed traditionally, others allow a lot of freedom for them to express their own styles. So read on to take a look at some of Asia’s schoolgirls – eyes on the uniforms, please!

  • Japan

Of course in a post about school uniforms, we have to start with Japan. Schoolgirls the world over put on their uniforms every day, but somehow it seems to be Japan’s that everyone knows and loves the best. So behold, the famous sailor uniform, which you’re now just as likely to find in a shady cosplay store as in a school supplies retailer.



There’s also plenty of schools that use the basic blazer + pleated skirt + white shirt combination, which can come with a tie or a cute oversized bow, and of course knee-socks. Some girls like to mix things up with a beige cardigan underneath, but schools in Japan don’t generally like their students to customize their uniforms in any way.




  • Korea

The sporty look is in, with many girls favouring tight skirts and loose tops paired with sneakers.



  • Taiwan

Many school uniforms are similar to those seen in Japan, but often simpler and looser.



Bonus: Medical school! These nurse outfits are so cute they could be cosplaying, but these girls are the real deal.



  • Thailand

These look more like outfits for the office than school uniforms, and they certainly bare more flesh than what we’ve seen so far! The little shirts and short tight skirts are relatively plain, but notice the belts – schools display their insignia on the buckle.

Edit: Looks like our Japanese source material was wrong on this one – a number of reader have been in touch to say that this is, in fact, a college uniform. Sorry for the mix-up, guys, but here’s the awesome uniform anyway.




  • Vietnam

Some schools have their girls wear the traditional ao dai, covering them in white from head to toe so they look positively angelic.



Of course there are plenty of schools in every country that have unique uniforms, or let their students wear whatever they like, so the pictures above are just a few examples out of many, but it’s interesting to see the differing styles and trends.

I used to think it was a pain to have to put on the same uniform every day, but looking back on it now I realize that those were much simpler times!

Source: Nanapi
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons