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Even though everyone daydreams from time to time, in general it’s considered something that kids indulge in more than grown-ups. Many would say that learning to focus on the here and now, and not get sidetracked by flights of fancy, is one of the key skills one needs to learn in becoming an adult.

This emotional and mental development is a major theme of anime and novel series Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai, known internationally as Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions. So perhaps its just a little ironic that a franchise that deals with the importance of keeping your fantasies from seeping into your perception of reality has its own anime train.

The series, known to fans simply as Chunibyuo, is centered on 15-year-old Yuta Togashi. It seems Yuta’s overactive imagination made it hard for him to form healthy interpersonal relationships with others during junior high, and he’s determined to make a new start of things as he enrolls in a high school that none of his junior high classmates chose to attend.

▼ Yuta, just trying to act normal

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His plans hit a snag when he discovers a number of his classmates have similar delusional tendencies. In typical anime fashion, many of these individuals who feel the need to escape from reality are cute girls.

▼ Yuta’s classmates, making no attempts to act normal whatsoever

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This month sees a Blu-ray release for the series’ newest anime adaptation, and in celebration the show’s producers decided to deck out an entire train car with images of the cast, such as student council rep Shinka and pint-sized Sanae, as seen here.

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Sharp-eyed Internet users deduced the train to be running on the Ishiyama Sakamoto Line in Biwa Prefecture, and had the following reactions.

“Even though I have delusions, I want to ride it.”
“I don’t.”
“Reality, burst!”
Train geeks are gonna be all over this on the weekend.”
“Let’s all hop on and sing some military anthems!”
“People of the world, this is Cool Japan!”
“I don’t know about that, but at least it’s better than an AKB 48 train.”

The most delusional comments of all, though, were the several that echoed this gentleman’s sentiment.

“Hey, if you poked your head out the center window, wouldn’t you be able to peek up their skirts?”

Remember, anime fans, make-believe is all fine and good until you go sticking body parts out of a moving train. If you don’t want to end up in the real-world hospital, save your fictional panty-hunting for when you’re sitting safely at home in front of your TV.

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