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Boobs. They are the stuff of dreams for many men, what with all that jiggling and lactating. But as fascinating as they are for the average male, it’s pretty safe to say that not many truly understand what it’s like to actually have breasts themselves. Fortunately, the Internet is always here to help! And, no, we’re not talking about those websites–you know, the ones you only visit in Private Mode. Instead, Twitter has come to the rescue by presenting us with the world seen through the eyes of a woman with H cup breasts!

It’s probably not too different from what you might imagine, but you better look below just to be sure. For science! Or…something.

Tomiko Kageyama, a cosplayer, illustrator, Duel Master player, and actress, recently tweeted the photo below with the message: “And here is what my breasts look like from my perspective. See for yourself how much they normally get in the way of my field of vision.”

▼For some weird reason, this photo was retweeted over 18,000 times.
We guess Twitter users really like photography.

Okay, we can all agree that large breasts take up a significant amount of one’s field of view. Especially if they happen to belong to a pretty woman walking by. But obviously not every woman has H cup breasts–so what does the world look like for someone on the opposite end of the cup sizes?

Well, another Japanese Twitter user responded to Tomiko by tweeting: “Take a look at what the world normally looks like for someone with A cup breasts.”

▼It’s…full of paper?

Hmm…this turned out to be a very education exchange, didn’t it?

If you were wondering what the average field of view was for women of differing breast sizes, wonder no more! Here’s a picture compiling the points of view of women of various cup sizes.


Cups (1)

In case you’re wondering, Japan uses (nearly) the same measurement system as that of continental Europe, which seems to be different from the system used in the United States. We can only imagine converting between them is no more confusing than trying to learn quantum tunneling from a textbook with half the words removed.

Finally, in case you were wondering what the rest of Tomiko looks like, we have some of her cosplay photos for you. She certainly fits her selected characters very well!

▼My, what large horns you have!

Cups (3)

▼Dying your eyebrows? We have to say, we appreciate her dedication to the role!

Cups (2)

▼Ummm…how the heck do you keep your hat on?

Cups (1)

▼Hello? Can you hear me now?



Well, it has certainly been a productive day for all of us, hasn’t it? We learned a little bit about how troublesome a large bust can be and found a new cosplayer to keep an eye on! You can follow Tomiko on Twitter where she regularly tweets photos of her costumes and pet bird.

Now excuse us while we ready the “beer belly” version of this article using middle-aged men. It’s sure to break page view records!

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Images: Twitter (1, 2), Hyper aya-nes’s note, Agohige Kaizokudan