With the advanced state of the technology at our fingertips these days, our tech lives have never been so customizable. But one thing users may have never thought to get creative with is the iPhone’s humble lock screen. The most a typical user will ever aspire to is replacing the standard background with a picture of their cat or something. Or so I’ve observed of my more technologically inclined friends; I still use a rotary phone.

But did you know that with a little creativity and a photo editing tool, you can actually make some pretty cool custom unlock screens? Just ask these Japanese netizens that squandered their creative talents making anime characters say appropriately anime-ish things on their unlock screens:

▼ “I’ll kill anyone who tries to my iPhone.”


▼ “Just because you try your hardest to doesn’t mean it’s always going to work.”


▼ “Am I going to be… ed?”unlock2

And finally, while the custom unlock screens were trending on Twitter much like those cute “pair icons” before them, we were treated to several variations of beautiful men asking us to, “” their hearts:





Setting one of these up for yourself is as easy as manipulating a picture of your choosing to add text that wraps around the unlock command, but if you’re a little more technically inclined you can even change the “slide to unlock” text to something else. By hooking up your phone to a computer and fiddling around in the file doohickey to make your phone to do the thing, you can apparently customize the unlock text, too, opening up even further possibilities for making yourself chuckle creepily at your own wit every time you check your phone on your morning commute. You can get instructions for that here.

Source: Naver Matome