ChKJU (6)

There may be only one murderous, sociopathic leader of North Korea, but with all the Kim Jong-un look-alikes we’ve found in China, we’re starting to wonder if he’s not actually the result of some bizarre cloning experiment. First, a “cosplayer” showed up on the streets of Hong Kong last October, posing for photos and looking as if he were on the verge of sentencing a village to three generations of hard labor. And now another look-alike has appeared in China…selling roast skewers on the street?

What the heck is going on here??

Spotted in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, a large city in northeast China, this cigarette-smoking, roast-skewer-selling Kim Jong-un clone seems to be adjusting to a normal life outside the confines of whatever laboratory he was clearly grown in. Though we’re not sure how far he’ll make it now that his photos have been plastered all over the Internet!

▼ “Crap! They found me! Keep cool and wipe your nose. Nose wipes confuse snipers!”

ChKJU (2)

▼ “Maybe if I just try hiding behind this pillar…”

ChKJU (1)

▼ “Fine! I give up! You got me! What? Oh. Uh, the chicken skewers are pretty good.”

ChKJU (3)

▼ “Siiigh. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you!”

ChKJU (5)

▼ You know, you’d stand out a bit less if you tried a different haircut at least…

ChKJU (4)

▼ Escapes North Korean cloning lab to avoid execution, but keeps the haircut.
Amount of flips given? Exactly zero!

ChKJU (6)

Okay, we admit that it’s pretty unlikely that a secret North Korean cloning experiment went terribly wrong and there are an untold number of Kim Jong-un doubles on the run, hiding from death squads. But it’s the only logical explanation, right?

Actually, no, not really. In fact, it turns out the look-alike from Hong Kong is really just a musician who knows how to seize an opportunity when he see it! Check out this hilarious video of the drummer/Kim Jong-un impersonator trying to seek asylum at the US and South Korean consulates before finally showing up at the North Korean consulate–and nearly giving one of the workers a heart attack.

Hmmm…a photo with Howard the Kim Jong-un impersonator would make for the best New Years cards ever. We need to book him for a photo shoot with Mr. Sato! But who would wear the fundoshi??

Sources/Photos: Toychan, Record China, YouTube