The latest movie in the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which was released in Japan about a year ago, was aired on Japanese national TV for the first time over this past weekend. Judging from all the tweets and comments on the Japanese Internet, it appears many fans were waiting for the broadcast in anticipation, and to our delight, we were even treated to some scenes that weren’t included in the original theater-released version.

One special viewer, though, has attracted particular attention with one of his tweets, as the tweet seems to have come from none other than the main villain from one of the earlier Dragon Ball story arcs, the evil Frieza himself!

Freeza 2 Dragon Ball pic

While most netizens sharing their comments during and after the airing of the movie seemed to have enjoyed its humor and reunion-like atmosphere (and particularly how the formerly vicious Vegeta appears to have taken on the role of comic relief), the great and mighty Frieza indicated his intense displeasure with some of the scenes in the movie through a tweet by Twitter user BAN BAN BAN Yamamoto Frieza.

Frieza tweet

Okay, so it’s a fan dressed in a Frieza costume referring to the scene where Frieza’s past utter and complete defeat to Goku is recapped, and when the picture above was tweeted along with the comment: “Damn it! How dare you make me remember that!“, the fans in Japan had a very good laugh indeed.

Since then, the tweet has been shared widely by amused Japanese Internet users who are saying that the great Frieza seems to be highly displeased and angry with the movie Battle of Gods. Of course, it’s also a source of amusement that the Frieza in the picture seems to have adapted extremely well (too well, in fact) to life on Earth. Apparently, BAN BAN BAN Yamamoto Frieza tweets regularly as Frieza, and he continued to post comments throughout the airing of the movie.

And yes, even though I saw the movie in the theater last year, I confess that I watched the TV broadcast too. What can I say, when you’ve grown up watching and reading Dragon Ball, there’s just something comforting about seeing Goku and his brethren in action. Just to provide you with quick reference to scenes from the movie, we’ll leave you with a video of one of the official trailers. Enjoy!

Source: Twitter@BAN BAN BAN Yamamoto Frieza (Japanese)  via Hamster Sokuho (Japanese) 
Top Image and Inset Twitter image: Twitter@BAN BAN BAN Yamamoto Frieza 
Inset “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” image: AMAZON JP