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While in the last month we’ve seen an especially intense burst of promotional tie-ups between public transportation and anime, these kinds of collaborations actually go back a few years. In 2011, for example, Keihan Railways partnered up with the producers of hit slice-of-life/high school rock band anime K-On!, in celebration of the franchise’s then-new theatrical feature.

Despite the anime’s low-key atmosphere, though, some K-On! fans can get surprisingly, even disturbingly, passionate about their favorite members of the cast, to a point that these photos are causing a stir in China even years after they were taken.

While the exact date the photos were taken is unclear, there’s no mistaking the K-On! train shown in them. Officially named after the band K-On! is centered on, the Ho-Kago Tea Time Train was wrapped with graphics of the anime’s five principal characters, their instruments, and the band’s logo.

However, the promotion ended in December of 2012, at which point the decorations were removed from the carriages and their appearance was restored to that of regular train cars, which makes these snapshots of a young man infatuated with Ho-Kago Tea Time bassist Mio Akiyama at least 15 months old.

Earlier this month, when we talked about the similar decorations placed on a train in Biwa Prefecture, one fan mused about his dimension-breaking daydream of trying to peek up the 2-D anime girls’ skirts. Not only did this K-On! fan share that dream, but shockingly, he seems to have succeeded.

Let’s take another look at the picture above. Just what is it that he’s holding in his hand?

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▼ Oh, striped panties. Of course it was panties.

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As if that’s not creepy enough, here’s the follow up, where he stretches what are ostensibly the anime bass player’s undies over his head and begins fondling her.

▼ We didn’t intentionally set out to quash this dude’s fantasy, but given her size on the side of the train, those panties are way too small to be Mio’s, so now he’s just got some random chick’s lingerie on his cranium.

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But while in the two years since then anime fandom in Japan has moved on to newer, shinier fetishes, this man’s particular brand of participatory enthusiasm recently attracted attention in China as these two photos have resurfaced on Internet sites there.

As expected, many of the comments are less than complimentary, such as “Pitiful.” While we can easily surmise how one could come to that conclusion, we’re confused by the commentator who condemned this as “Typical island country mentality.” Do non-island countries, with their wider tracts of arable land, save their transportation-based carnal urges for tractors?

“Oh damn that’s hot.”

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There were a few that stood up for Mio’s biggest/perviest fan, though, saying his trick photography was an example of how “Japanese people are so creative.”

We’re sure that had the man in these pictures known he’d one day be an international representative of his country, he’d have preferred to be remembered for his innovations in science or the classical arts, but still, a compliment is a compliment.

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