Little kids sometimes get into trouble with bullies, and when they do, they feel reluctant to go to their parents, imagining that they’ll only offer some mature advice to deal with the situation like openly asking the bully to stop. While the direct approach works well in adult situations like break-ups and quitting your job at Fabricland, it doesn’t quite transfer over to the Lord of the Flies mentality that goes on in school playgrounds every day.

And apparently for some people these problems even stick around into adulthood. For example, a man recently went to Yamanashi police looking for protection when he decided to quit his organized crime group. However, according to reports it seemed as if the officers thought he just needed to talk it out and locked him in a room with a member of the gang he was trying to leave, resulting in the gang member demanding a finger as compensation.

According to the ensuing court case, in April of 2011 the man had gone into the Kofu Station of the Yamanashi Prefectural Police looking for protection after deciding to escape the gang he was a part of.

Shortly before that, he went to his boss and requested to leave. Since criminal bosses aren’t bound by modern labor laws he simply declined the request. Not too long after the denial, the man “just happened” to get into a car collision with someone else from the gang.

Understandably concerned for his well-being, the man went to the police who then persuaded him to have a face-to-face with a member of the gang. The meeting was held in an interrogation room with an officer present. However, during the conversation the gang member reportedly said, “Just be a man and give us your finger or something.” The officer who witnessed the exchange was later reprimanded for not issuing a cease and desist order as police are obliged to do by the Anti-Organized Crime Act.

And yet it was too little too late as the man had sued Yamanashi Prefecture for 1.13 million yen (US$11,000). The Tokyo District court on 24 March of this year sided with the man, ruling that the actions of the police on that day caused the man unnecessary mental anguish and awarded him a scaled down compensation of 250,000 yen ($2,400).

And so it goes, if you’re a parent dealing with a bullied child, or an officer of the law dealing with the Yak… um, Yakov Smirnoff, you simply can’t play by the rules of regular society.

Source: Asahi Shimbun (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – M.Minderhoud