Giant salmon refused admission

I went to university in a sunny English seaside town, where the dress-code for graduation for some reason specified “no beachwear”. Makes you wonder how many people have to turn up to a formal event direct from taking a dip in the sea before the rules are updated to ban something new, doesn’t it? Well, outsized fish costumes are certainly off the menu at Kyoto University this year, as a student was refused entry to the graduation ceremony this week for turning up dressed as a salmon fillet.

The costumed attendee wasn’t without precedent: at Kyoto University, which is one of Japan’s most prestigious schools, students have been attending graduation in cosplay for a number of years. The quirky homemade costumes cause quite a buzz on social media, and are regularly picked up on old-fashioned Japanese TV news, too. But it looks like the university’s “anything-goes” dress-code has some caveats after all!

Let’s take a look at the best outfits from this spring’s graduation ceremony.

You know how it is. You’ve spent hours perfecting your anthropomorphic salmon fillet costume (that’s Kirimi-chan, by the way, the newest character from Hello Kitty makers Sanrio). You’ve even gone to the effort of bringing along a real shrink-wrapped salmon fillet, in order to give onlookers a better idea of scale:

withsoysauce Photo: @withsoysauce via Twitter

Then the security guards tell you you’ll have to leave the salmon head outside! Poor Kirimi-chan! We wonder if her perpetual painted-on smile slipped at all as this conversation progressed.


Photo: @QuantumAtsuo via Twitter

It would seem, sadly, that outfits that could obstruct the view of other attendees aren’t allowed. Today is a sad day for enormous fish fillets.

Photo: @praymay3 via Twitter

There were plenty of other impressive and bizarre costumes at this year’s event, too. Here’s fake deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi hanging out with some costumed friends:

K6kippy04 Photo: @K6kippy04 via Twitter

▼ Bumping into someone who’s come as the same person as you can be an awkward experience. Incidentally, that sign says “Please speak loudly!” – a reference to last month’s revelations that the acclaimed composer is not, in fact, deaf as he had been claiming for much of hia musical career.


Photo: @minamo__ via Twitter

Although plenty of people join in the cosplay fun, others prefer to attend in regular formal dress. After all, what’s more enjoyably creepy than No Face at graduation? FIVE NO FACES:

NaCO3AbePhoto: @NaCO3Abe via Twitter 

bateijin_Photo: @bateijin_ via Twitter

▼ Our friend the “No More!” movie theft police guy even turned up!


Photo: @shiroro_3  via Twitter

kotaro1723 Photo: @kotaro1723 via Twitter

 ▼”Congratulations on your graduation!” placard-holding attendee, with blue-faced eggplant friend.


Photo: @QuantumAtsuo via Twitter

▼ Totor-oh my god that’s creepy…

sorayama_asobi Photo: @sorayama_asobi via Twitter   

Photo: @yokkomine via Twitter 

▼ Just when you thought Funasshi was too cute to be true…  



Photo: @bateijin_ via Twitter

As Japanese universities graduate in March, we might have to wait a whole other year before we see any more amazing outfits like this! Which costume do you think is the most impressive? What did you wear to your graduation? Let us know in the comments!

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Top image:  @withsoysauce@K6kippy04 via Twitter (edited by RocketNews24)