Nobody’s perfect. No matter how deeply you love your significant other, there are bound to be times when you get so frustrated with your partner that you feel like airing out your grievances and revealing all to your best friend. It could be something trivial and even somewhat funny, like how he/she always farts in bed thinking that you’d never realize, or something more depressing like being cheated on.

But even getting cheated on doesn’t sound as bad as having a spouse who can’t even remember how to write your name, does it?

A man from Ningbo City in China’s Zhejiang Province recently tried to divorce his wife of 35 years, but failed ridiculously as he didn’t even know how to write her name!

According to Chinese news website Qing Nian Shi Bao, Mr. Huang, 64, and his wife Ms. Li, 60, have been married for 35 years. Mr. Huang is a sociable guy, and enjoys going out with his friends for drinks and games. Due to his countless social gatherings, Mr. Huang hardly spends any time at home, which naturally led to Ms. Li’s displeasure.

Earlier this month, the couple got into an argument when Ms. Li complained, “I have to take care of every single thing at home, even moving heavy objects–you’re never home. I’m getting on in years, but you never have any consideration for me. You used to say you’re busy with work, but even now when you’ve retired, you never spend any time at home.”

Angered by his wife’s words, Mr. Huang retorted, “Who’s the head of this family, is it you or me?! Why should a man be bothered about the things at home? A man has to socialize.” Unable to accept his wife’s criticism, he rushed to the Ningbo Jiangdong Court to file for a divorce.

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When Mr. Huang appeared at court, he reasoned, “She (Ms. Li) is too aggressive, she’s always criticizing me and keeps arguing with me. It’s been so many years, I’ve been living under great pressure. I tolerated her in the past, but now I think it’s time to turn the tables and show her that I have a temper too.”

However, when the authorities gave her the official documents for her consent to the separation, Ms. Li refused to sign the papers, and she had all the reason not to–the name written on the document wasn’t hers. She smugly took out her identification card, showed it to the judge and said, “Here, take a look. The name he wrote is different from mine, this person he’s trying to divorce is not me. Ask him to divorce that person whose name is the one he wrote on the papers!”

Mortified, Mr. Huang could only explain that he vaguely remembered his wife writing it that way on their matrimony documents, and the name he wrote sounds similar to his wife’s actual name in their local Ningbo dialect, so he remembered it incorrectly. It turns out that he’d been writing his wife’s name wrong for so many years but she had never said anything about it.

After persuasion from the authorities, Mr. Huang took back his application for a divorce, feeling guilty for the mixup and saying that he was only trying to give his wife a scare, knowing that the court usually doesn’t issue the decree on the first application.

Well, to be fair, Chinese characters can get a little confusing sometimes. But perhaps the fact that Mr. Huang has been getting his wife’s name wrong after 35 years of marriage only goes to show how much, or how little, time he’s been spending at home or thinking about her!

Source: ETtoday
Top image: Rikongakkou