For a few years now, whenever online chatter of a new statue based on the machines of the Gundam universe goes on the picture above seems to always pop up. But exactly where is this MS monument of mourning? Is it even real?

In the photo, the Gundam headstone appears to be lined up with the other graves outside of the stonemasonry shop, standing proud at around four meters (13ft) tall and weighing in at 10 tons. With that we might assume it’s a custom made incredibly ostentatious yet cool monument to the deceased.

The grave theory is further strengthened after tracking this place down on Google maps. It can be found outside of a Kise Sekizai Boseki Center in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture. Kise Sekizai is a chain of Japanese grave makers in the area. According to the watermark on Google Street View it was last seen in 2013 and probably still stands there to this day.

One particular use of the Gundam grave photo came when a netizen mused that in 30 years when fans of the original series start dying off, you’ll be bound to see Gundam themed graves turning up everywhere. Someone answered by posting the top photo to everyone’s amazement. Another reader commented “in 40 years the Gundam era of anime’s fans will die off, 50 years later the Evangelion era’s will perish, and in 60 years we will see the demise of K-On! fans.”

That last comment really sums up the state of mecha anime in recent years. Still, if I can make it to my nineties I can look forward to an eight-foot tall Mio headstone, which otaku will forever take pictures of with themselves trying to look up her skirt.

Source: Ogohige , Purisoku, Ruriiro Tradition (Japanese)
Statue by: Kise Sekizai

Google Maps