If you’re a fan of obento, those delicious looking home-made Japanese lunches full of colour and variety, then you’re going to love this product from Japan: edible cupcake wrappers made from seaweed.

Traditionally, these little wrappers are made from paper or plastic and while they’re great for keeping flavours separate in your lunch box, the daily waste involved isn’t really that great for the environment. Now with this edible variety on the market, you can look forward to taking home an empty lunch box at the end of the day and rest easy knowing you’ve left nature unharmed. Plus, if this idea spills over to the cupcake world, it looks like we could soon be having our cake and eating its wrapper too!

The seaweed shapes are identical to their paper and plastic counterparts. Perfect for dollops of pasta, balls of rice or julienne-cut vegetables.


This is the packet to look out for on your next trip to the supermarket. They’re known as Ready-to-eat Nori Cups.


One packet contains 56 cups, which includes ten mini sizes, ten small rectangular shapes, and a dozen each of the small, medium and floral designs.


For extreme seaweed lovers, fill your nori cup with the brown sea vegetable hijiki, as you can see on the bottom left.


These are great for making the easiest onigiri rice balls ever!



Now with hanami season coming up, picnics under the cherry blossoms are the perfect place to try out the nori cups and experiment with different flavour combinations. Just pick a spot, pull out a rug and enjoy some healthy eating, Japanese style!

Source: Matome Naver
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