Japanese convenience stores are – as we’ve spoken about before – so awesome that if they offered to let you sleep on a cot in the backroom, you could live in one for your whole life and basically never want for anything.

In addition to all the delicious junk food, the endlessly flowing booze, coffee and other drinks, the ready-made meals (that have a sort of “slithery” quality and are one of the few things in a convenience store you should stay away from), and various daily necessities odds and ends, you can also withdraw cash, buy tickets for soccer matches, concerts and events, make copies, print photos, and probably clone your pet or something.

But, starting in 2014, things are about to get even more awesome. Check out the things you’ll soon be able to do at your local combini!

For starters, the already hi-tech copy machines sitting at the entrances of most convenience stores will receive a plethora of new functions. Starting last year and running through 2014, convenience stores are introducing copy machines that can: Register a change of address with the government, print hanko personal seal registrations, register new family members, and print resident cards.

And that’s just at the major convenience stores. At select locations, you can also: Print astrological fortunes, print lyrics and sheet music for your favorite songs, print newspaper editions from the day you were born, and make personalized fliers (for missing pets and such).

There are also smartphone applications available to make the process easier, so you can send the required information and data ahead of time and get everything all primed for your convenience store visit. Which is great, because even though we speak Japanese perfectly well, we’ve spent over an hour in front of one of these copy machines just trying to figure out all the buttons and flashy lights before finally giving up and running, screaming and flailing, from the store.

Fortunately, even with all these newfangled changes, you’ll still be able to make a copy of your butt cheeks.


Source: Naver Matome
Images: 1, 2