On 29 March a basement level restaurant in the bustling Dotombori area of Osaka became the scene of a grisly stabbing, when a part-time cook stabbed his co-worker over an altercation while boiling crabs.

The suspect’s remark of “I don’t get why I’m under arrest” to police as his fellow cook was rushed to hospital for a lacerated abdomen has led readers to call for immigration reforms. Others worried that this and events like this are contributing to more ultra-right-wing sentiment in the land.

At around 2pm in Kani Doraku, the suspect 24-year-old Chinese national, Gao Shuang was preparing food. According to a statement he made during interrogation, he “was just helping boil crabs. Then [the victim] started complaining, it grew into an argument.” There were about 10 people on the scene at the time who confirmed that a heated argument was going on.

The 27-year-old victim will require one month to recover, but it is said that his injuries are not life threatening. Upon hearing the news, netizens reacted largely to the man’s comment of “I don’t get why I’m under arrest.”

Some saw it as a comment of arrogance on the part of the suspect saying “Chinese people think it is no problem to kill Japanese people because they see them as lower life-forms.”

With conflicting reports such as Asahi Shimbun quoting the suspect as saying “I don’t remember injuring anyone. “ others took the opposite route and suspected Gao might be getting railroaded by the system. “Actually,” wrote one reader “these kinds of cases get handled like a rag, where there has been talk of a person from China working for next to nothing stabbing his boss. However, without knowing anyone’s background it’d be foolish to judge.”

Other theories came up as well such as temporary insanity, causing the suspect not to remember what had just happened. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to tell until more facts come to light. It certainly does seem strange for a third year university student to throw his life and possibly another’s away over a pot of crabs.

Source: Asahi Shimbun, Yahoo! Japan News via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Becky Selegnut

 For what it’s worth, in the event of future disagreements about crab, please refer to this video.