When I was a freshman in university, still meandering aimlessly around campus as a General Education (read: “Future Starbucks Lifer”) major, I spent a brief stint in the art college thinking I’d give drawing or maybe even painting a try. After several months of doodling poorly-drawn machine gun-wielding dinosaurs attacking stick figures while my classmates were effortlessly putting together impressive full canvases, I decided I wasn’t really cut out for fine arts.

If only, like this guy, I’d known I could use clever lifehacks to give me an edge in class. The unnamed do-it-yourselfer used simple tools including a few different sizes of paint brush, a paint roller and an old-school projector hooked up to a computer to transfer an iconic scene from Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai onto a barren dining room wall with stellar results. To top it all off, he claims he has no formal training or innate art talent and that anyone with enough time and just the right amount of crazed dedication to pop culture can do it.

Here’s his step-by-step guide:

UPDATE: It would appear that the man behind his wonderful creation is none other than Mr. Martin Ankerl. Check out the rest of his work on Imgur.

samurai1 samurai2 samurai3 samurai4 samurai5 samurai6 samurai7 samurai8 samurai9 samurai10

We have to admire the guy’s risk-taking spirit, as this could have easily ended up a very expensive, mural-sized blemish on his wall that he’d eventually have to explain to the landlord. The technique could probably be applied to all kinds of other pop art depictions in all manner of sizes and mediums. Now we wait with bated breath for the influx of “nailed it!” fail pictures on imgur.

Source: AcidCow