I’m not going to lie, I love transformation shows – home improvement, weight loss, makeovers, you name it. But plastic surgery shows are one of those that I keep on the down low, even more of a guilty pleasure than the others. They make the changes their participants go through seem like a piece of cake, often skipping over the majority of the long and painful process with snazzy montages and cut scenes.

Opinions are divided on plastic surgery, but whether you’re pro or anti-scalpel, you can’t fail to be amazed by some of the almost magical work these surgeons can perform. And of course some of the most dramatic changes are coming out of South Korea, one of the world’s hotspots for plastic surgery. Check out these photos; we promise we won’t tell anyone you did.

Today’s ‘success story’ comes courtesy of a Korean variety show, which reported on a woman whose husband had got fed up of her plain features and sun spots and had filed for divorce. Feeling like it was her only option, the woman put herself forward for a plastic surgery reality TV show, and was ‘fortunate’ enough to be chosen. What followed was the typical ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation, leaving her so completely remodeled that even her own son couldn’t recognize her. Afterwards she met with her husband, who upon seeing her immediately backtracked on his divorce plans, promising he’d never mention it again. Happily ever after? So we’re meant to believe. This is apparently a success story, the moral seemingly something along the lines of ‘get plastic surgery to make people like you’. However I like to imagine that after the cameras stopped rolling she surprised hubby with divorce papers of her own, hopefully accompanied by a male model on each arm, a wind machine, and some kind of uplifting 80s music.

▼ Here’s the lady in question – you can’t deny that she now bears little resemblance to her previous self.


▼ And now for some more incredible photos from the millions of Korean women who’ve undergone plastic surgery.

surgery02 surgery03 surgery09 surgery08

▼ A ‘small face’ is a benchmark for beauty in South Korea, and there are plenty of surgeons specializing in ‘jaw shaving’ procedures to get a round or square face down to that desirable pointy triangle.

surgery04 surgery10 surgery05 surgery07

If you’re getting work done yourself remember to always go with a reputable surgeon, and do a bit more research than just bringing them a cut-out triangle and saying ‘make my face like that!’.

Source: Xinhuaxia News