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See? Didn’t we tell you Japan had a thing for rodent derrière?

It turns out that it’s not just a few fanatics spending hours in front of their hamster cage with a digital camera trying to get photos of their furry pet from behind — there are apparently thousands of like-minded netizens in Japan, and now an entire Facebook group exists just for people who like to talk about and upload photos of their pet hamsters’ bottoms.

Late last year, we brought you news that a handful of Japanese internet users seemingly couldn’t get enough of hamster butts, or hamuketsu as they came to be known. We had to admit that they are kind of adorable, what with the ungainly way their owners wiggle them about and with their tiny tails poking out, but we never imagined for a second that there would be so many hamuketsu fans out there that they’d need their own Facebook page to pore over. Lesson learned: the internet will always find a way.

The Facebook page, which sprang up just a few weeks ago, has already amassed almost 4,000 likes, and that number is growing every minute. Here’s just a small sample of the furry behinds that have been uploaded by the group’s users and are currently being cooed at.

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▼ Hamsters with friends

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▼ Our top image for today: sparkly hamuketsu!

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▼ I wonder if that’s a stew-flavoured popsicle this little guy is enjoying

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▼ Finally, One Piece‘s Tony Tony Chopper makes an appearance, and he’s got a friend

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The page was apparently created by publishing house Basilico, who oddly enough has just released a photo book dedicated to – you guessed it – Hamuketsu. So if when you’ve finished checking out the dozens of photos on the Facebook group you still want more, you might also want to head over to Amazon JP and take a look at the book.

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Next week: closeups of ducks’ armpits.

Source: Facebook via Hamster Sokuhou
Photobook image: Amazon JP