Saint Hoax is a Middle Eastern artist who recently set up a website which combines the kitsch of pop art with cynical political commentary. In their post, Saint Hoax muses on the similarities between drag queens and world figureheads. Thinking that they share unique fashions and stand-out personalities, the only real difference between a drag queen and a king boils down to flashier colors and a whole lot of money.

So Saint Hoax took nine political and religious figures and applied some sequins and foundation – a lot of foundation – to make them queen for a day.  They certainly work – sashay, shantay – but if you happen to have strong political or religious leanings in one direction or another, you’ll probably find yourself offended by these images.

First up is Hitler Hysteria, this new wave diva is a blitzkrieg to the senses with a loose-fit standing collar sweater and hot pink lashes. Loving him would be easy if your colors were like his dreams; red, gold, and green; red, gold, and green… And white. He fancied white too I hear.

Did someone say sexpot despot? Well, here comes Madame O’Sane saying she will not respond to these farcical court hearings about her earrings. And what better way to say “go to hell” than with a sassy flower ensemble and silly spirals jutting out the top.

We all know O’Sane would love to give Georgia Buchette one big hard pinch for her fashion crimes against humanity. Those dull slacks and blazer worn during the day were truly a weapon of mass disgust, but when the sun goes down and Buchette comes out to play it’s all about the oil… Hot oil that is.

And who has more lube than Queen Abby. Although a sweetheart deep down inside, Queeny isn’t going to let you get her good stuff without a little begging and rough play.

Speaking of rough play, here’s Ossie B’ who, like her hero Liza, can be a real bitch sometimes. Unfortunately, while Ossie B’ could go toe to toe in terms of style, she lacked the vocal chops and charisma that has allowed Liza to evade Seal Team 6’s assassination attempts time and time again.

And who else would be behind the hit on the Tony, Emmy, and Oscar winning songstress than Baricka O’Bisha. Every morning when she looks into the O’Bishacare magic mirror and asks her death panel who the sexiest in the land is, a high pitched screech can be heard well across the White House lawn.

“Not so fast” exclaims Vladdy Pushin’ who holds comrade Minnelli in the nation’s interest. Meanwhile, he’s channeling the sassy spirit of Bea Arthur, the only other woman in history strong enough to annex Crimea.

Watching all this go down from afar, Kimmy Jungle has been hard at work on her own look to sit at the table with the other queens. She enlisted the help of one of America’s most famous drag queens, Dennis Rodman under the guise of some basketball project. Now she can steal hearts, launch half-assed missles, and average 11 rebounds per game.

Also on the other side of the globe, while enjoying retirement Popette Benny in response to her successor’s recent steps at modernizing the Catholic Church has decided to join the fun too. Unfortunately, a Pope Emeritus’ pension is slim and she couldn’t hire someone of Rodman’s caliber. As a last resort she asked the bishops and cardinals around her if they knew anything about dressing in drag. Surprisingly everyone’s hand went up.

This series of images is just the first of hopefully many more works by Saint Hoax. Check out their website to see what they do next and maybe pick up a Pope Benedict XVI in drag T-shirt.

Source: Saint Hoax – War Drags You Out (English) via Nicheee! (Japanese)