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To add to our gross-out file, a Russian court ruled today that the Omsk Cheeses factory be closed for 40 days after a photo of employees enjoying a milk bath in one of its vats went viral on social media.

In a scene reminiscent of Japan’s own summer of idiocy Twitter pranks, the photo was posted by an employee with the caption, “Actually, our work is pretty boring.” When it began circling the Internet, it came to the attention of Russia’s consumer protection agency, who then launched an investigation.

A lawyer for the company claimed in court that the white liquid in the photo was not milk, but rather a watery byproduct of the manufacturing process and that the bath liquid would not have been used in food production, but the consumer protection agency countered that their investigators had determined it was in fact raw milk used for cheese production.


They furthermore explained that their was a concern among people who had bought the company’s products that they may have been exposed to any number of diseases, including venereal diseases.

Eww. Eww! Eww!

The trial is ongoing, and the factory will not be able to reopen until it passes a food safety inspection, but just to be safe, I think I will be avoiding cheese of all kinds for a while…

Source: Gahalog
Image: Russia no Koe