Cleaning sucks. There’s no gentle or polite way to say this–cleaning is boring and tiresome and we always have better stuff to do. Like rewatch every episode of Breaking Bad for the sixth time. But, as our mother’s told us, it is important to keep your home clean–a dirty room invites all sorts of creepy, crawly things. Ew!

Still, it can be hard motivating yourself to get cleaning, but if you wait too long, the results go far beyond gross and enter gruesome territory, as one Japanese netizen proved last week by uploading the most bizarre photos we’ve seen in a looong time.

In a 2Channel forum thread titled “This is the result of me throwing my boogers between my bed and wall for three years LOL,” one Japanese netizen has turned the collective stomach of the Internet with his gross tale of cleaning a mess three years in the making. Presented below is the thread in all of its (disgusting) glory.


>Original Poster (OP): This is the result of me throwing my boogers between my bed and wall for three years. LOL


It kind looks like sand, doesn’t it?

>I’m gonna puke. No. This (and you) needs to be burned with fire!


>That’s filthy!!

>Why the hell are you making other people look at this???



>I kind of don’t think you’ll be able to clean this up with anything but a Dyson…

>He could try eating it.

>Even cockroaches wouldn’t eat that!

>[To the OP,] do you have brain damage?

>It looks tasty, like roasted soy bean flour! (^ω^)

>Clean this up! LOL

>OP: I AM cleaning it up! All I have is a dustbuster though, so I’m divided on using a Dyson.

>You are one screwed up dude.


>Are you okay? There’s a lot of hair on the floor there…

>All the hair that’s come out sure is long…

>OP: Look at those dust bunnies!


Oh, and I spotted some insects eating the cloth no-slip pads. I should have uploaded a picture of that too.

>This is the first photo in a long time to give me goosebumps.

>Are you bald now??

>OP: Well, that’s all hair that’s been piling up over three years, and it’s right next to where my head is when I sleep.

>I’m gonna puke.


>The human body is quite amazing…

>OP: Dyson vacuum cleaners are amazing! LOL


>What was that pile of tissues at the edge?

>OP: They were tissues I’d used to clean my ears.

>Throw that crap away, man! LOL

>OP: It’s kind of like a bad habit that I just throw stuff down there.

>Why don’t you just put a trash can near the bed!?!?

>I bet this is just stealth marketing for Dyson.

>What the…?

>After looking at this, I can’t eat.

>I definitely don’t want to be reincarnated as a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

>I don’t want to look at the photos. Someone tell me what it looks like.

>It’s like sand (actually boogers) on the floor with hair and dust on top of that.

>This is far more interesting than I had expected…


Well, this certainly won’t be one of the first things we show to the aliens when they arrive. Probably one of the many things we’ll need to hide so they don’t nuke us from space and move on to the next planet with highly evolved apes.

And, please folks, clean under your beds!! You don’t want the boogeyman to turn into the boogerman. That would be far, far worse.

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Images: Wikipedia, SquallChannel