Let’s be honest, if selfies (self-portrait photographs) were a crime, most, if not all of us would be found guilty. With a million and one smart phone applications created to satisfy our narcissistic photography habits, catering to the needs of every possible user group; from hardcore selfie maniacs to tech-newbies, even preschool kids are selfie experts these days.

If you are one of the rare few who have yet to jump on to the selfie bandwagon, get this. Even cats are taking selfies, and they’re surprisingly good at it! Not only do they look cute and fuzzy as always, they make some of the most hilarious expressions too!

▼ Dude, this screen’s too small… I can’t find the button…

▼ Just tap the button. See? Easy.3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_14272

▼ My human always makes this face when she takes a selfie.3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_15998

▼ What’s. Happening. Here. It’s staring back at me!3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_18291

▼ Ohhh… this thing is glowing, dude…3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_27482

▼ #likeaboss3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_3636

▼ Can I lick it? Huh? Can I lick it?3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_7813

▼ Best party ever. I’m so wasted… hitting the sack now. #YOLO3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_29189

▼ They say it’s important to find a good angle3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_30540

▼ Wow… I think I just found the entrance to Narnia.3c49f313ec7ed4b6914c136d7ce56845_42174

*insert philosophical comment about life* (Note: We did not deliberately put this upside down!)3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_Pk19K_77

▼ Trying out my new falsies and eyeliner *hearts*3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_WiLAq_42

▼ Bored. I’m so bored. Can you tell that I’m bored?3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_frzBL_64

▼ Where am I supposed to look again?3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_gVpeS_68

▼ Yoooooooo… I’m looking into your soul, dude.3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_iWzlV_37

▼ #sexyface3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_jZtan_61

▼ Testing my human’s new phone! #firstpic #selfie3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_lVvyb_24

▼ Just had my fur brushed. #OOTD3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_oqnwy_58

▼ Omnomnomnom!3fjBfSrSSCogQsJ_w1aZ4_54

If you have a curious feline (or canine!) at home and would like to introduce them to the world of selfies, check out the Snapcat app available for Android smartphones!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Girls Channel