It was Children’s Day in Taiwan on April 4th, and while many children probably wished for new toys and games or a day of fun and play, a pair of underprivileged siblings living in Nantou County of Taiwan wished for nothing more than a really bright light so that they could study, and for it to rain less so that they could sleep on dry beddings.

Making a home out of a forsaken pig-shed, the Chen siblings struggle to get by with their parents’ meagre salaries; their father only recently getting a job as a vegetable truck driver after a long period of unemployment, and their mother, who has lost sight in her left eye, earning only NT$100 (US$3.30) a day washing hair for customers at a hair salon.

The place they call home, an old shed that was once a compound for rearing pigs, was partitioned into rooms using a few pieces of scrap metal the landlord found. The landlord, who isn’t in the best of financial conditions either, allowed them to live in the unused pig-shed at no cost, out of sympathy for their plight. The roof leaks and puddles form on the uneven ground whenever it rains and cobwebs can be seen in corners of the rickety former pig-shed. They can’t even afford to fix the roof, only using old canvas sheets to cover the holes in the ceiling, but the family of four is grateful just to have a roof over their heads.

▼ The living space of the Chen family is only lit up by dim lighting and minimal natural light.

When the children were asked what they wanted for Children’s Day, their wishes were simple. All they wanted was a bright light to brighten up their home so that they didn’t have to study under a dim, flickering lamp. That, and for it to rain less so they won’t have to sleep with cold, soaked blankets.

▼ The eldest son commenting that their room is too dark, and wishes for a bright lamp.

Thankfully, media coverage of the underprivileged living conditions of the Chen family attracted a group of kind souls who stepped forward to help them. An electrical contractor offered to replace all the old electricity cables of the run-down shed, the boss of a LED lighting company donated ten LED lights, while other contractors helped to fix their leaking roof and improve their living quarters. On top of that, they received generous donations in the form of food supplies, study desks, and even a 42-inch television set.

▼ This was the kind electrician who offered to change all their electrical wires, which took two full working days, for free.


▼ Mrs. Chen was grateful and extremely delighted at the sight of their improved living space.

Although the kids were at school when the “bright light” they wished for got installed, Mrs. Chen profusely thanked their benefactors on their behalf. She repeatedly told her children to study hard to repay the kindness they’ve received.

Source/Images: ETtoday (1, 2)