Up-and-coming artist Mondo draws with a somewhat skewed sense of proportion very much like any other 10-year-old boy. However, from beneath the superficiality of his sometimes jarring contours, the unmistakable sense of his subject can be felt.

The impact his images create has been earning him a lot of respect around his hometown of Fukuoka and recently a growing fan-base around Japan. In addition to his public appearances where he draws visitors’ portraits, he has a blog on which he posts a daily illustration displaying his ever-growing talents. Check out his work after the jump.

Since age three, Mondo Okumura began to draw in an original style. He found himself winning several painting contests at school and it was becoming more and more evident that the boy had a gift.

His family encouraged this talent and recommended he draw a portrait every day to develop his skills. Everyone is welcome to follow his progress on his blog. Here are just a few of the illustrations the 10-year-old boy has done so far.

▼ Quentin Tarantino, Santa, Beat Takeshi, Kiss

Leatherface, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Sylvester Stallone, Sophia Loren, Aphex Twin

Self-portrait, Mondo’s mom, Mondo’s dad, Iggy Pop

Prince, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain

 Comedy duo Downtown, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley

In addition to his blog, Mondo also has a column in the monthly magazine NO! where he gives drawing advice to other aspiring caricaturists. His work also featured on the cover of a local magazine Yoreyore.

You might notice a slight predilection towards older musicians in his choice of subjects. That’s because thinking of someone to draw every day can be hard. So he uses his father’s vast record collection as his muse. In fact, his father is also a Fukuoka-based musician and used one of Mondo’s pictures for the cover of his album Alcohol Memories.


The picture was actually a school project where Mondo had to draw something from his summer vacation.

If you happen to live around the Fukuoka area you can keep an eye out for one of his appearances and exhibits. If you’re lucky you might get to see yourself through the eyes of Mondo.

Mondo certainly seems to have that unique blend of natural talent and an environment that nurtures it. At such a young age he has an entire lifetime to evolve his craft into something we may have never seen before if he chooses to pursue it. We may be looking at the next Yayoi Kusama, whom he also drew.

Source: Mondo’s Daily Picture via Naver Matome (Japanese)

Mondo’s drawing of the Velvet Underground & Nico cover at ages six (left) and 10 (right)