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This week, the latest in a new mini-series here at RocketNews24 which we’ll tentatively call “People Doing Stupid Things They Really Should Have Guessed Would Backfire Badly”, we bring you a student who is claiming to have been quarantined after submitting a sample of his dog’s urine for a school medical.

The anonymous post on Japanese forum 2channel is titled “What happened when I put my dog’s pee in for the school urine test”. Let’s take a look at how the saga panned out!

OP: “Here’s what happened: I submitted my dog’s pee for the medical! Three days later, I suddenly got pulled out of class and “urgently” taken to hospital…!

1:    Was it that bad?

OP: Nope, but I was terrified! lol

2:    That’s hilarious!

OP: They just called me out of the classroom like there was nothing up, then threw me in quarantine!

3:    Why would you do that [use your dog’s pee]?

OP: Oh, I just wanted to know what would happen.

4:    Idiot…

5:    It’s just like that Hamuteru [lead character from manga Dōbutsu no O-isha-san (“Animal Doctor”)] storyline!!

OP: OMG you’re right! My teacher said every year across the country about 10 people try the same thing [pee-switching]…

6:    I did the same thing with the test for worms! It was kind of a big deal, but I just apologised and the teacher was like, “OK then”.

7:    My dad’s friend did the same thing with a stool sample! He got into big trouble for that.

OP: [Reply to No. 6] Exactly! Turns out they just wanted me to confirm it was a different animal’s pee. My dad gave me some impressive bruises, though…

Japan’s regular school medical exams include a urine test, which has to be done first thing in the morning, so students take the pack home with them and bring the sample to school the same day. From this conversation, it seems Japan is full of students trying the ol’ switcheroo. Either that, or students pretending on the internet that they’ve done crazy things. You decide!

▼ You do your business in the little paper cup, and use the squeezy bottle to suck up just the right amount. Lovely!


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▼ Next time you think about telling schoolkids off in public, remember that on any given day they might each be carrying a little pee grenade with them.


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Source: 2channel via Hamusoku
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