It’s the weekend! And one of these things is not quite like the others…

Check out this adorable little puppy who’s not quite got the hang of drinking his milk. While his six (at least that’s how many I could count in the jumble) brothers and sisters enjoy their mother’s milk in a perfectly normal manner, one little guy just has to show off. Perhaps he’s practicing his acrobatics. Maybe he just got a little overexcited, somehow ended up upside-down in the mad scramble, and then just rolled with it. Or he might just be a little bit derpy. But the results are still totally cute and hilarious.

▼ \(^o^)/ 


And since it’s the weekend, here’s a couple of bonus cute pics of suckling baby animals where when you look closer you realize something’s just a little off.

▼ Mummy looks like she might not even be aware of this cheeky little kitty stealing her milk.


▼ All three are so adorable that you could almost believe they’re related.


Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

Source: Kinisoku
Images: Twitter