We’ve heard of celebrities and famous athletes spending insane amounts on insurance for their body parts, but it would seem that in China, the trend now is to buy insurance for love.

Recent reports of the infidelity of popular Chinese actor Zhang Wen not only set flame on Chinese social media networks, they also triggered off a rush for “love insurance”, generating more than a thousand new clients solely in Xiamen of Fujian Province. How does this “love insurance” work? Details after the break!

The Chinese have always been more conservative in terms of relationships as compared to Westerners, especially when it comes to marriage. Divorces and affairs are generally frowned upon pretty much everywhere in the world, but it seems like Asian celebrities have it harder than their Hollywood counterparts when scandals hit the headlines.

In 2013, many fans were disappointed by the news of the separation of the celebrity power couple, best-selling songstress Faye Wong and former actor turned businessman Yapeng Li. Last month, even more Chinese netizens were taken aback when paparazzi photos of Zhang Wen cheating on his wife with fellow actress Di Yao hit the news. Many netizens expressed their disappointment across Chinese social platforms, saying that they had “lost hope in love”.

▼ Zhang Wen (left) and Di Yao (right) co-starred in the Chinese movie, Naked Wedding.

Sensing a business opportunity, an insurance company in Xiamen was quick to roll out an extensive Love Insurance package available in six different price categories, ranging from 99 to 999,999 Chinese yuan (approximately US$15.90 to $161,020). The Love Insurance works in a way such that if the couple doesn’t go separate ways after five years, they can look forward to receiving a lump sum payout that is more than the premium they paid. Dating couples are eligible to apply for the insurance as well, but they have to be married by the time the policy term matures in order to receive the payout.

Of the six premium categories, the cheapest option at 99 Chinese yuan (US$15.90) is said to be the best-selling package as many couples bought the insurance out of curiosity. Some couples in their early twenties or younger commented that they signed up for the unique insurance with the intention of getting married, seeing it as a savings method since they’ll receive a decent amount of money in time for their wedding if they really do manage to tie the knot in five years.

What are your thoughts on “love insurance”? Is it a sign that people are losing hope in love, or perhaps a sign that people are becoming more open towards using money as a unit for measuring love? Would such an insurance really keep couples from breaking up, or would it just encourage people to tolerate their partners for the sake of the promised payout a couple of years later? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ETtoday
Images: China Smack