“Never let the sun set on an argument”, they say, but we’re all guilty of going to bed angry sometimes. And what if, on waking up the next morning, you want to show your loved one you’re still really, really mad… but you also need to ensure they go to work on a full stomach?

It’s this awkward situation that’s led to one unfortunate soul in Korea getting up the morning after an argument to find one of these hilariously miserable meals for one waiting on the breakfast table. Join us after the jump for breakfasts that say “I love you – but I hate you a little bit, too”.

I love you… but I want to punch you in the face.


▼ I “forgot” to cut the daikon up.


▼ I gave you a spoon AND chopsticks. What’s your problem?


Commenters were divided over whether the bowls in this photo (which at any rate would usually each be filled with a different small breakfast item, not the same thing!) contain choco balls – cruelly served with no milk – or dog food. My bet is that the dog got a deluxe meal that morning.

Kimchi goes with almost everything! Almost.

Some comments from amused Korean netizens:

“It’s better than not making you breakfast at all!”

“When I get married I’m gonna serve teeny tiny curry like that.”

“Just wrap the kimchi up in the cake and eat it!”

“He should be grateful to be getting any breakfast made for him after a fight.”

This couple has one thing going for them though – they seem to share the same sense of humour! If the unlucky recipient of these breakfasts got through that giant hunk of garlic-laden kimchi, though, I wouldn’t count on their chances of quickly kissing and making up.

Source and images: Daum via Otonarisoku